Motorcycle Mechanic Salary

Motorcycle mechanics carry out the job of overhauling and repairing motorized vehicles which are two-wheeled. Some common varieties of these vehicles include mopeds, dirt bikes, motor scooters, all-terrain vehicles and motorcycles. The mechanics perform an assortment of service and repair duties which include engine repair, transmission work, ignition work, brake jobs and several other minor repairs of the entire vehicle body. Popular dealers usually employ motorcycle mechanics for a very limited numbers of models and makes of motorcycles. Work hours are seasonal and the heaviest workloads occur during the summer and the spring seasons.

Motorcycle Mechanic Salary

Education, Certification and Licensing

Most motorcycle mechanics possess a blend of garage and classroom experience. Employers generally prefer graduates. Initial training includes very minuscule engine courses achieved through vocation school, community colleges or high school. The mechanics usually acquire their training while working but it is also important for some mechanics to possess some years of good experience so that they can show proficiency in their job profile. Motorcycle mechanics generally service certain specific models and makes of the company which employs them and this is the reason why it is important for them to learn certain nuances relating to a particular model. However, mechanics do not get any sort of recognized certification in their work fields apart from the short-term training which they get from distributors and manufacturers. These work as certifications and have an important role to play in determining Motorcycle Mechanic Salary.

The Salary of a Motorcycle Mechanic

A motorcycle mechanic is also called an ATV technician, all-terrain vehicle technician, motorcycle repairer, motor scooter mechanic, scooter mechanic and motorcycle service technician. Motorcycle mechanics generally indulge in repairing and adjusting various problems with mopeds, scooters and motorcycles. The job of a motorcycle mechanic can be very dangerous because the mechanics need to deal with power tools and heavy machinery on a frequent basis. This is the reason why vocational training is absolutely a must for an individual to be considered as an experienced and professional motorcycle mechanic. A motorcycle mechanic, once hired, should go through at least one or two years of on-site training prior to starting with his work. Motorcycle mechanics generally get an average level of pay ranging from 24000 to 36000 and this is completely dependent on the talent and the experience that they possess. Motorcycle mechanics have the potential of earning $34000 every year. these people make greatest compensation in California, United States where they get the opportunity of earning around $41590. Wholesale trade is also a good scope for these people to earn an income around $46660.

The Trends in Motorcycle Mechanic Salary

The trends in Motorcycle Mechanic Salary have always kept changing and annual compensation of this career has increased since the year 2004. The salaries for motorcycle mechanics have gone up by an average of 11.69% nationally at present.

The Best Industries for Motorcycle Mechanics

Motorcycle mechanics can make the most out of their skill and their experience in the industries that have been mentioned below:

♠ Wholesale trade where they can make $44,670

♠ Manufacturing where they can make $46,660

♠ Public administration where motorcycle mechanics can make $37, 160

♠ Retail trade where these people can make $33,930

♠ Other services except public administration can get the motorcycle mechanics earning upto $31,010.

Income Range

Motorcycle mechanic salary can vary from one mechanic to another depending on experience, education and skills. The Bureau of Labor Statistics data has come forward with a report that shows that top 10% income earners in this occupation earn above $49,960 while the bottom 10% make below $20,770. This is because of the fact that motorcycle mechanics possess different skills, education and experience while working with different varieties of two-wheeled vehicles.

Top States in Motorcycle Mechanic Salary

Geographical location is also an important factor that should be considered when determining a motorcycle mechanic salary. This is because of the differences in the availability of equal job opportunities and living costs. The states that pay high motorcycle mechanic salary include California, New Hampshire and New Jersey. In these states, motorcycle mechanics can earn an annual income of about $38,620 and even more.


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